Kyrie 2_2009_oil on canvas_75x36cm




2007 B.F.A., Fine Arts, Seoul National University
1983 Born in Seoul

Solo Exhibitions
2008 house of THE HUNTED, GS Tower Lobby, Seoul
house of THE HUNTED, Gallery Jung, Seoul
CMYK, Gallery Sang, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2009 Open Studio, Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, NY
Neo-Inscription, Gallery Art Space H, Seoul
Inaugural Exhibit Featuring Special Artist Show, Art Raw Gallery, NY
Portfolio Review & Exhibit, Congress Center in Portland and Two Union
Square in Seattle, USA
Feel at Home Please, Ssamzie Gallery, Seoul
2008 Seoul Metro National Art Competition, Seoul Metro Museum, Seoul
The Open Art Competition of Korea, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
Anyang Young Artists Awards, Lotte Dept Store Anyang Branch, Anyang
Art Show Season3, Hyundai Department Store Chunho, Seoul
Young Artists Exhibition, Coex Gallery Aqua, Seoul
Freestyle, Open Space Door, Seoul
Preview & Review, Alternative Space Team_Preview, Seoul
Spring Art Show, Space C, Seoul
TYGA, GS Tower Lobby, Seoul
Come into Blossom, Gallery Gac, Seoul
Open exhibition, Open Space Door, Seoul
2007 3rd Young Artists Project, Gallery Jung, Seoul

Artist in Residence Program
2009 Prairie Center of the Arts, Il, USA (Oct-Dec)
Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, NY, USA

2009 Museum of Korean Buddhist Art

2008 Seoul Metro National Juried Show, Selected
Open Art National Juried Show, Special Selection

Selected Projects
2008 Space Zip Contest for projects in commemoration of opening


Artist Note

I changed paintings into real size objects such as doors, windows, wall hanging things, etc. This is to make people feel paintings in actuality, not just feeling the fantasy inside. My paintings are not just decoration but part of the place.

I am substantiating the interior of my imaginary house with moderate expression-a house filled with my object-paintings. Those all have beautiful exterior but heavy meanings are hidden inside to cheat the viewers. I show them pretty looking paintings to make them love those, and ironically I laugh at them for not realizing the meaning of paintings which is giving a sarcastic twist to all of us, humans. (For example 1. Small and young animals are imprisoned, collected in boxes alive, 2. Trophy animals are expressed like portrait scrolls. 3. Butterflies and elephants are victimized because of their pretty looks and humans¡¯ desire for collection. 4. Doors and windows are boundaries between the inside and outside of the house, and the outside of the house seems to be away from all disasters happening inside.)

The pretty exterior of paintings emphasizes lamentation instead.

Thus, in the house I mourn those who are victimized by the powerful. I am not talking about human killing animals, I am talking about things done to humans by humans and I am just showing through animals. Through that, I want people to look back at themselves, especially hidden cruelty and selfishness of humans in modern society. I also long for the recovery of our purity which is disappearing today.

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