Artist note

Miss Chin-Lan Chiang is a contemporary Taiwan abstract painter. After she graduated from National Taiwan Normal University,
she taught in junior high schools. And she continued to study abroad and got her master degree in Academy of Art University in San Francisco
with excellent grades. Until now, she has six solo shows and dozens of group shows. In 2006, a photo of her and her unfinished painting is printed
on the famous American magazine, ARTnews. This year, a popular Taiwan TV news also reported her solo show in Taoyuan. Her work looks unique
and has graceful colors. Many art-lovers in Taiwan and America already collected some of her great pieces.
Her recent work offers the viewers an intensified sense of space, light, power, and movement. She tries to convey massive energy to her audience
and hope they appreciate the beauty of abstract art in the spiritual minds. Besides, she thinks less is more in this modern society. Simple images can
explain more meanings than complicated ones. Therefore, her paintings always look simple. Deeply influenced by Chinese philosophy, she believes that
negative space is as important as positive one. Negative and positive spaces need to be well-balanced and involve each other. So you can find
interesting interactions between them in her paintings.
Moreover, you also will find that she shows a strong interest in natural movement in her work. Being a thoughtful woman, she is easily inspired or
influenced by the environment around her. Trying to explore psychological relationships with outside world, she develops her own approaches to
express the movements of nature, the universe, and human beings. Since her childhood, she has been fascinated by numerous moving things
and phenomena, such as moving stars, falling leaves, and magnificent waves. Therefore, she really enjoys expressing the feeling of movement
which already offers her endless energy in her life. Now, letĄŻs be sincere and open-minded and enjoy her unique abstract paintings!

Summarized profile of the arist

Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2006
* M.F.A. Department of Fine Arts / Painting
National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1999
* B.F.A. Department of Fine Arts

Shanli TV news channel solo show report, Taiwan Honor Series, 2008
Gueishan Flower Season watercolor competition, The second place, 2008
Best of the show, The Starbucks Award in MFA Mixed Media Show, 2005

Solo Show, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan, Taiwan, 2008
Solo Show, Gallery of Taoyuan City Library, Taiwan, 2008
Solo Show, Taichung County Seaport Art Center, Taiwan, 2008
Contemporary WomenĄŻs Art , Group Show, Taichun, Taiwan, 2008
Solo Show, 79 Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2006
Shakey Hand Gallery, Martinez, CA, USA, 2006
Solo Show, Earth and Sky Oasis, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2006
One Person Show, Sushi-Rika, San Francisco, USA,2006
Winfield Gallery, Carmel, CA, USA, 2006
Savage Stephens Gallery, Carmel, CA, USA, 2006
AAC Members Exhibition, Alameda, CA, USA,2006


Artwork info
(Left) (Oil on canvas, 92x92cm, 2008)
(Right) (Oil on canvas, 92x92cm, 2008)


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