Artwork info
Monotype series 2 (Acrylic on canvas, 12x12 inches each)

New York based artist (Born in Bangladesh)

Art Students League of New York
MFA (Studio Art) Hunter College, The City University of New York

Red Dot Award (Best work) from annual art show at the Art Students League of New York, 2009
Best Award from AfterSputnik Art Project, New York, 2009

<Art Fairs>
2009: The Affordable Art Fair New York
2009: International Art Expo, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York

<Solo Exhibitions>
2009: Tower 49 Sky Lobby Gallery, New York
2008: Behr-Thyssen Gallery. SOHO TriBeca, New York

<Selected Group Exhibition>
Silent Auction Art Show, Chicago, Illinois
Group Art Exhibition S. E Fein man Art Gallery, SOHO, New York

The City University of New York



Artwork info

Md Tokon is in love with color and in love with the cities he grew up in. His destination is unknown.
But he is ready to walk on his land as long as he is not tired. He believes and abide by the famous quote
by Bob Marley ¡°When one door closes another door opens¡±. Born in the infamous neighborhood in Bangladesh,
he grew up in a neighborhood not known for supporting artistic endeavors. But with the support of his family,
he soon realized his dream. As a teenager he was inspired to pursue a career as an artist. When he was about 15
he made his first real painting. City life, the surrounding atmosphere and social structure have made a great
impact on him. Through out the canvas he has been deeply influenced by nature. His works are pure abstract
and have a great touch of impressionism. His main focus is to bring to the canvas the expressive colors.
His paintings describe the story of nature, human emotions and it communicates in a mysterious way.

In the '90s, a number of Bangladeshi painters came overseas for higher education. They wanted to explore
novel themes and master new techniques. Most of them are abstract painters; colors and forms are the primary
aspects of their paintings. Md Tokon is one such promising painter from Bangladesh who has been living in
New York for over ten years, and has earned a significant reputation as a painter. He obtained his BFA at The
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, B.A. in Art & Communication Design at The City University of
New York & doing M.F.A. at Hunter College at The City University of New York. Also with the help of mentors, he is
practicing painting at Art Student League of New York. Tokon's works plunge deep into nature, human relationships,
personal loss, social injustice, physiological journey and inner visions. His works are closely connected to
dreams and illusions. He naturally uses flat colors and creates many layers and forms on the canvas. His works
are mainly colour- based and varied pigments give a distinct language to his works. His compositions are not
neatly organised, sometimes revealing uneven texture and sensuous arrangement of space. Space plays a significant
role in his works. His works clearly articulate nature's unseen and unobserved beauty. In his use of color, he has displayed
a certain romantic concern for vivacious, lively hues and soulful texture. All his paintings have a significant abstract
expression focused on the depiction of emotions rather than objects.

His most noted artistic influences are Monet, William Turner, Philip Guston, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, Anselm
Kiefer, Joan Mitchell, and Cy Twombly. Most of these painters favored large canvasses, dramatic colors, and loose
brushwork. Their work inspired and inclined him towards his choice of style. He likes the action, freedom, power,
strength, excitement, and most of all the emotion that color can communicate.

Occasionally unfamiliar forms & gesture are scattered in his paintings that create a different look. His paintings stand out
for their approach to figures and objects, which are not usually focused. His colours occasionally look smooth
and tranquil, which provide a water color effect in his works. Colors are the predominant aspect in his
paintings and the paintings are marked by a preoccupation with time, history and moment. Tokon's works also
convey an insight into life and a spiritual attachment.

His paintings are in the collections of the The City University of New York; Tower 49 Sky Lobby,New York; Chung Design,
Memphis Tennessee; Le Pain Quotidien, Soho, New York; Clareo Partners, Chicago, IL & many more private collection.


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