Artwork Info
OR (24x36", Digital Print, 2004, (3 editions. The 2nd edition has been collected to the City of Salem(Salem, Oregon, USA))


Artist Note

I have been interested in using computer for creating my artworks. Though I created pieces that I could show on digital media such as
computers and television monitors, I began having more interests in having digital aspects in 2-dimensional spaces such as digital print-outs.
Digital print-outs may be considered as general graphic arts or as photographs with computer program touch-ups, but what I am trying
the most in my artworks is to make my artworks look like they are painted with traditional media such as oil paintings. In other words,
I enjoy creating my artworks to be shown 'in between' high-tech computer creation and traditional oil paintings.

Regarding to major elements in my paintings, I enjoy using alphabet letters (typography). To me, letters are not only functional elements
that can communicate my message to audience directly, but also I find that letters can be visually very much intriguing. Letters can be
used in many different ways than people usually expect.
As I stand in between high-tech computer creation and traditional paintings, I also stand in between fine-art painting and graphic art.
Typography is what is considered very important in graphic design area, but by adopting it to fine art aggressively, I try to create a new genre of 'in between'.

Messages of my paintings wise, I try to communicate my personal messages such as what I realize from everyday life, and what I learned
from the Bible. With this aspect I stand 'in between' for having conservative messages that are displayed by high-tech computers.


Artwork Description

We all make choices everyday, maybe every moment. From biblical stories you may find that your choice may make huge differences in the end.
Actually, though we know what is the right choice, but we often choose an wrong choice because we don't have enough will or power to do the right thing.
A pastor said once that it is not the other people nor the Satan, but ourselves whom we need to be the most controllable to live as a good Christian.
This piece represent my will to make right choices.


Summarized Profile of the Artist

2002 Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication - School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
(*Winner of SAIC Trustee Full Scholarship)
2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design - College for Creative Studies (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

1.2001-5.2004 Visiting Scholar(Adjunct Instructor) at University of Missouri-Architectural Studies (Columbia, Missouri, USA)
9-12.2001 Planning Intern at City of Chicago-Department of Cultural Affairs (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
(*Participated Chicago Mayor's Special Project-Jens Jensen Legacy Project)

SERVED AS A JUROR - The 2nd, 3rd GS Corporation 'GS Tower Children's Art Festival' Competition (Seoul, Korea) - 5.2007, 5.2008
SERVED AS A JUROR - 'Dialogue in Dark-Juried Show Competition' (Seoul Arts Center-Hangaram (Seoul, Korea)) - 10.2007
SERVED AS A JUROR - University of Missouri-Department of Architectural Studies - Thesis Project Review (Columbia, Missouri, USA) - 5.2004
EXHIBITED ARTWORK - Pan Asia Juried Show at the University of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois, USA) - 12.2001
EXHIBITED ARTWORK - Art Walk Juried Show (900 N. Michigan Bloomingdales, Chicago, Illinois, USA) - 10.2000



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