Artwork info
The Color of free Memory - Blue, print, 60x90cm, 2008


Summarized Resume
2007 BFA, printmaking-College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Seoul
2009 MFA, printmaking-College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Seoul

Visiting Artist Program
2009 Guanlan Printmaking Workshop(China)

Solo Exhibition
2008 1st Exhibition(in Seoul-lamer)

Group Exhibition
2009 CSIAF-China Shanghai International Arts Festival(China)
Guanlan International Print Biennale(China-Shenzhen)
2008 International 2008 in NewYork(New york-Gallery Hun)
2007 'Work on paper from sydney & seoul' The exhibition of prints
(Seoul-Gallery Hanjun)
The 3th Print Exchange Exhibition(China-Luxun Academy)
¡®Loverint-Edition for you¡¯ The Exhibition of prints(Seoul, Gallery Dukwon)
¡®The Capitals-Sydney & Seoul¡® The Exhibition of prints
(Australia-national art school)
'The Extreme Price of Prints'(Seoul-Jinhung Art hall)
Guanlan International Print Biennale(China-Shenzhen)
'Intelligence Expand' The Art Exhibition of Excellence graduation students
(Ansan-Gallery Danwon)
2006 'Traces' The Exhibition of prints(Seoul- Gallery NV)
'Look the aim' The Exhibition of Young Artist(Seoul-Gallery Woolim)
'Free maket of Art'-Gwangju Biennale(Gwangju-Exhibition hall of city)

2009 The 2nd Guanlan International Print Biennale - Selected
2008 The 2nd Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing
Exhibition - Selected Work(Thailand)
The 1st Yunnan International Print Biennale- Selected Works
2007 The 1st Guanlan International Print Biennale - 'Print Prize'(China)

2009 Guanlan International Print Biennale-Exhibition hall(China-Shenzhen)
2007 Guanlan International Print Biennale-Exhibition hall(China-Shenzhen)
International Print Exhibition Tokyo 2007(Japan-Sakima Art Museum)
The 3th Print Exchange Exhibition(China-Luxun Academy)

Artist Statement
Each human being has his own peculiar world of spirit. Many different media are being used to express it and sometimes, it is utilized into a means of convenience or of amusement for human. It can be said that it is the human's instinctive mentality to exhibit what's inside them. Art is regarded to be the best means to satisfy such willingness to express because it is more abstract and liberal in terms of ways of expression than any other fields and moreover, its existence can be clearly identified with human eyes.

For art, it is up to the artist, indeed, who reveals and exhibits the works. From the beginning of art to the present, it has proceeded through many changes in the progressive way and shown in different forms. Its nature, after all, is the exposure of an artist's inner world which takes different forms as time flows. As for the creating works, anyone has his own background and, based on this, one is inspired and exhibits its value in his own techniques.

Most of human beings need media or acts for mental amusement and stability for themselves now and back them. Its inevitability will never change no matter it involves mentalities or acts.

For that reason, I myself collect such media as well; they include porcelains meaning by personal experiences and journals, essays, and scribbling of daily traces of myself.

Not just ending up collecting them, but also did I put much artistic value upon time and spatial transcendence by human spirits, medium for mental stability, and transition from formal expressions to metaphorical poetic expressions in the works I created myself. In other words, it means a liberal act with no time and spatial limits and it also includes part of Surrealism which is a mental expression originated from unconsciousness and imagination. Since it is expressed by the mind from the ego, the subject matters reflect the symbols of the language and metaphor, which is an indirect communication to the sensibilities, was much examined.

I sought to find and express the meaning and symbol that the relation between time and space, and traces, and acts for imagination and amusement by human transcendental spirits had by bringing the tool of art into the plane picture of two-dimensions.


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