Jung Sook Young

Artwork Info
House Puzzle, 2Bridges 91.0x91.0 Oil on canvas

Artist Statement

¡®How¡¯ - The Modern Issues of the Black Line...
In the beginning of this world, art was an art of lines. Also, when human beings get to be born, the first drawings they draw are images that are expressed with lines. As we look at figures, as we are away from the image itself but look at figures through volume and perspective, lines are gone but only the figures are left. Such object releases out its two dimensional surface but take a place on canvas with space and volume, and what is important to me is not the object itself but the meaning that the object contains. The object exists only as a two dimensional and as a concept. I, to focus on the object, I leave the first line to the end. Just like ancient wall paintings, to express figures from my memories are the black lines in my paintings, and my modern issue is what is achieved through black lines of sensitivity and moving sensations.

¡®Why¡¯ - House Puzzle
My recent works¡¯ theme, house, bases its motif in closely related human relationships. Human beings that cannot exist alone and their houses are puzzle-related where they keep tension and balance between human beings and houses. Human beings and houses seem to be connected but relationships are derived from intervals between human beings. Puzzle is an important motif that brings order and peace which controls my artworks. My artworks express beautiful houses, but at the same time I focus to communicate fantasy and dream through connections among houses.


Youn studied English Literature in college; Youn had a professional career at a publication company for many years. From a writer, Youn moved her career to an illustration painter, and while working as a book designer, Youn began her secondary bachelor¡¯s degree in painting at this time. Youn continued her art education through graduate school program in exhibition planning, art criticism, and art museum management studies-museology. During her graduate school program, Youn attained much of theoretical aspects of fine art.

Based on Youn¡¯s various and unique paths for Youn as an artist, Yun decided to resign her professional career at a publication company to concentrate on her painter career, and Youn has become a highly active fine art painter as she intended. Through a number of exhibitions, art fairs and solo exhibitions, Youn¡¯s unique technique and the theme of her works have been highly recognized and praised.

Youn¡¯s major theme of today, ¡®House Puzzle¡¯, is the gift from her 15 years of career as an illustrator, Youn says. Youn¡¯s techniques to keep her objects simple and minimal, power to use and to modify objects and create further, such Youn¡¯s techniques have become her most representative energy, Youn says. Also, fantasized elements and illusions in ¡®House Puzzle¡¯, they are from the artist¡¯s sensitivity and philosophy.

Youn achieved her BFA degree in painting at National Seoul University of Technology in 1994, MFA at SeJong University in 2004. Youn¡¯s solo exhibition experiences are as following: House Puzzle by Youn Jung Sook at Insa Art Center in Seoul in 2010, Art Value Art Fair at Seoul Art center in 2010, Goyang Art Fair in 2009 and Ansan Art Fair in 2009. Yun¡¯s group exhibition experiences are as following: 3rd Practice Class at Gallery United in Seoul in 2010, Seoul Southern District Public Prosecutor¢¥s Office Invitation Exhibit in 2010, Contemporary Art at Gallery Shinsang in Seoul in 2010, Dreaming of Nature at Gallery Ho in Seoul in 2009, 12th Na Hae-Souk Grand Art Exhibition at Suwon Art Gallery in 2009, Food, Clothing, Housing at Gallery Ho in Seoul in 2008, 37th The Gusang Jeon Fine Art Grand at Seongnam Arts Center, The 1st Open Art Competition of Korea at Seoul Museum of Art in 2008, People in painting at Gallery Ho in Seoul in 2007.


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