Artwork info
Bhit, lacquer painting on wood, 20¡±x 36¡±, 2007


2009 Townsend Northwind arts Center WA, USA
(Art porttownsend Juried Show)
Edmonds art festival Juried gallery(second place winner) WA, USA
Something different APW Gallery NY USA
GAGA Gallery Seoul KOREA
2008 Barbra Gallery WA USA
2007 The Korean lacquer research institute member
2005 Buk-Chon Gallery Seoul KOREA
2004 Hak go jae Gallery Seoul KOREA
2002 Vincent Gallery FRANCE
2001 Vincent Gallery FRANCE
Roses Gallery SPAIN

1998~2000 WAN Gallery USA
1992~1994 Seowon University(design major)

Artist Statement
<Lacquer painting>

Lacquer painting is called ¡°ottchil¡± in Korea. Throughout Asia, lacquer painting has been part of each individual where one can get a good sense of wisdom of one¡¯s ancestors. Historically for over 15,000 years, the lacquer painting was widely used in buildings, furniture, musical instruments, medicine, vessel, and mural paintings.

Unlike modern days¡¯ chemical material, the lacquer liquid, extracted from lacquer tree is very strong which withholds fading. Its ability to preserve as well as unique texture, color, and ability to express itself is mysterious. Unharmful to the human body, its unique toxicity has been used in herbal medicine and as food ingredient, as well as considered as very valuable material which was also the symbol of wealth in the ancient times in Asia.

The artist¡¯s work is not too far out from the traditional lacquering process. Contrary to general common knowledge, this material is quite particular when it comes to dealing with humidity and temperature. It is not an art where you can get it all done at once, but through complicated process, repetitious polishing and a process of trial and error, one can apprehend the true character of lacquering and its true expression.

The artist thoroughly insists on using only nature-friendly material. Instead of brilliant colors, one insists on using the depth of black which beautifully brings out the essence the lacquer embedded within and uses egg shells, mother-of-pearl, tofu and pottery powder.

As an artist, I believe simplicity is a true beauty which extends to our modern days. I studied art design, oil painting and Asian art which have been the foundation and contribution to the lacquer painter that I am. Upon completion of my work, one by one, I applaud you and appreciate your interest and understanding on my belief and passion for lacquer painting.


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