Summarized Profile of the Artist
Born in Seoul Korea, in 1959
Fine Art Chookye College (Seoul Korea)

Solo Exhibition
2008 GS Gallery (Seoul Korea),
2008 Insa Art Center (Seoul Korea),
2006 New York Korea Art Center 24 Gallery (New York)

Art Fair
2008 Art Taipei (Taipei)
2007 Art Singapore (Singapore)
2007 Eroup Art Geneva (Switzerland, Palexpo)
2006 Eroup Art Geneva (Switzerland, Palexpo)

Group Exhibition (2008~2000))
China & Korea International Art Exchange Exhibition (China),
Osaka International Art Festival (Japan),
KOREA- JAHR 2005 (Germany, Luenen),


Artist Note

On In-sook Bae¡¯s exhibition
Kwang-myung Kim, Philosophy of Art, Soong Shil University

...She notices the gap between the material reality and the psychological sphere as everything changes.
Physical spacein art work takes on more significance when it captures unique emotions involved, as well as simple facts.
For instance, a warm, organic sense of life can be imbued into a cold, lifeless space made of inorganic matters. A subtle
change of feeling is seen amongst geometric lines, surface and space. In her line-drawing series titled ¡®Into the Space¡¯(2003),
in-sook Bae expresses various feelings and emotions using cold materials, and her blood, sweat and tears are easily noticeable,
her fingerprints disappearing from unrelenting work.
Bearing in mind the coldness of the surrounding space, she attempts to breathe in warm feelings into that space, by using
acrylic in an orderly and harmonious way. Here, she creates various combinations of so-called seven emotions-joy, anger, sadness,
happiness, love, hate and greed. We can see the coldness of geometric arrangements contradicting the passion breathed into the
same space. The artist¡¯s message is made clearer yet through the dynamic variations. By adding subtle changes of warm emotions
to the simple and minimalist space, she tries to connect the two worlds, communication between the organic and the inorganic,
emotion and reason. ...


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