Han-moo Cho

Artwork above: Imundong-1 (19.7 x 13 inches, Digital Collage, 2010)

1972 Born in Korea

2005 Department of Architecture, Korea National University of Arts
2000 Department of Craft, Collage of Art, Seoul National University

2009 Alternative space GATE 2009 Young Artist Competition Invited Show
: Winner of photography section
2008 Urbanite-the Organic Portraits at Alternative space Dobaebaksa,

2010 THE SPIRIT ASIA 2010 at Scola Art Center in Beijing, China
2009 UNLIMITED at Global Village Gallery
2008 MIXED BOWL AGORA at Alternative space Daesungbanjeom
2005 ASTATIC SCAPE at Sungbo gallery
2003 UNFOLD at Jongro gallery

Artist statement
All Models in a picture are initially the same person. The models, who are costumed, wigged and made up, are playing separate roles in a picture, but in fact they are one person. After taking many pictures of the model, I made a collage with some of the images chosen from pictures of the same view, using a digital photoshop program.
The characters in the pictures sometimes stand against each other, or are affected by one another, but they are essentially one person. I want to talk about the moment when a clerk working in the gas station was filling your car, you might feel that guy could be you or from your days before. Likewise, a customer vs a shopgirl, a gangster vs a dead man and a rock star vs a fan...... As an urbanite, we have our own roles in the city. But at some points, the shopgirl can be the customer of her former working place and somebody bragging to others all the time can be flustered at one point. Sometimes we can find in ourselves quite different personas in daily routines. If so, are we individual beings or the same being? From this point of view, you are you, but also someone else. Moreover, have you ever thought that your unique style in a mirror was actually nothing but something influenced by others? We are all organic beings that require close relationships with each other and are affected by others willing or not. Energy flows from high to low. As your "self-portrait" can be other people's "portrait", your "portrait" can be other people's "self-portrait". It is easier to comprehend this from pluralism. After postmodernism, a topic of conversation has been the loss of the center. Not the loss of the center, but rather the dispersion of the center...... The center has been broken up and scattered. So we each become a small center. Some have the high-tech PMP(portable multimedia player), PDA(personal digital assistants) or the smart phone like iPhone. They simply work overtime in the cafe and watch a film in the subway. Now, the cafe is not the place where we have some coffee and the subway is not the place for moving any more. In this sense, the beginning of my photo work was the awareness that "placeness" was constantly getting more vague. I think that the physical place(area) means the organization, so the more the place gets foggier, the more the hierarchy experiences social unrest. (Simply, I want to say such unrest means endless uncertainty, as the differAnce of Jacques Derrida.) I would like to take pictures of these moments when every and each person becomes their own center, sharing their influence on one another.

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