Artwork info
Random order _ a moment, ceramic, 0x0(mm), 2009


The postgraduate course of Ceramic Design at Kookmin University, Korea

Group Exhibition
2009 New artism, gallery samcheong, Samcheong-dong, Seoul, Korea
2009 daily document 2nd, Nature-Poem BD gallery miyoul, Chungdam-dong, Seoul, Korea
2009 daily document, gallery Ctrt, Seogyo-dong, Seoul, Korea
2009 a blank space exhibition, gallery jazzymas, Shinsa-dong, Seoul, Korea
2009 On off art exhibition, gallery Lamer, Insa-dong, Seoul, Korea
2008 Buk-ak ceramic design exhibition, Korea craft promotion foundation, Insa-dong, Seoul, Korea
2008 China Sourcing Fair Gift&Home Product Show, Asia World-Expo, Hongkong
2008 China Japan and South Korea new century contemporary pottery art exhibition, Foshan modern ceramic museum, Guangdong, China
2008 colorful summer story exhibition, gallery sungbo, Insa-dong, Seoul, Korea

2009 New Discourse, designated as a great artist
2006 Korea industrial design exhibition, special prize
2005 Gyeongsangnam-do industrial design exhibition, bronze prize

Work possession
Foshan modern ceramic museum, Guangdong, China

Artist Statement
A functional fixedness is a tendency to think about usages of something only in limited point of view when we see them. In other words, we usually tend to perceive the functions or usages as we've thought before.
Dishes or tools we use in a daily life are put on the place which we think is appropriate because we regard them as the purpose of what we've thought before. Plates and cups on tables and cushions on sofas. They stick together. What I would like to mean through my works is to express psychological shock caused by awkward situation on the surface and functional transition that original views changes into new ones

Many people are not interested in or do not care about what they are doing, while putting food on plates and eating them. It is just usual thing. However, I like to watch the process that plates are getting empty, and take pictures of the moment because all the moments can be memorized such as spoons, forks and knives not in low, and cups and plates in an untidy way. I wanted to express the moment of meal time in three dimensions, like pictures in a frame in an art gallery. Through this opportunity, I hope that people perceive the process in a special way for a while.

If guests visiting restaurants find tableware being in frames there, it will be a good chance for them to think about them in a different way. They will feel unusual but exited through different views about something we take for granted.


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