Artwork info
(Left) Memories of others-Mona lisa,145x112cm, Acrylic on canvas,2008
(Right) (Close-up)


Summarized Resume
1964 born in Pusan, lives and works in Seoul, Korea. College of Fine Arts, Seoul national University Painting Dept., Graduate School, Hong-ik University, Painting Dept., Arts Plastiques Dept.,Universite de Paris ¥· en Maitrise

2009 Seojeongwook Gallery, Seoul
2009 Soohoh Gallery, Yongin
2009 Gwang Hwa Moon Art Fair, Sejong Art center, Seoul
2008 Gallery Gac, Seoul
2008 Golden Eye Art Fair , C.O.E.X, Seoul

2009 Goyang International Art Festival, Goyang eoullim Museum
'Familly & neighbor', Gallery Umoha
'Marilyn monroe'î÷ (gallery godo)
¡®Happy 5 Artist¡¯ (gallery Art Ray)
'Tolerance in Art' (Kook-Min Art center )
2008 'Interface-pentaprism', DIO Art center, Korea
Inchon Art Fair 2008 In-chon Arts Center
2007 ¡®Spring of Art Now¡¯, Gallery Ho

Critic's Note

The objects we reproduce each signify a specific time. However, as Einstein's relativity theory means all viewpoints that see the universe as static and predictable disappear, and as it signifies the transition from a timeless Euclid world where everythingis accurately defined and stationary, to a dynamic world where everything is relative, changing and developing, there is nothing existent nor immortal about time. Immortality is contained in death, and that death makes us equal and free.
The work of Kwak Dae Chul fossilizes forms reproduced in reality to dissipate what feels existent, and raises the question of reality of the images we perceived, along with the falsehood of matter.
A concept is manifested in various ideas, to create a sense of emancipation from the repression of being bound by the vision, and to shake the generally used interpretation and understanding of history.

The artist means to use the symbol of a crack as a metaphor for a purpose. A crack separates certain conceptsor the actual existence of objects from others. To see the truth in everything that is being destroyed, it is intended that creating images of things, artificially or naturally, be reanalyzed as a relationship with imagination, so that we can see the reanalyzed new form.

According to Baudrillard, images show reality as some reality, and further, 'no reality' as 'imagination', under the name of transformation. Some reality, an image unrelated to the reality is born and becomes inundated to eventually replace the reality. This is what Baudrillard means by 'simulation'. The transformation of the existing state by cracking seeks to deny the identity or to break from it. This is in context with the artist's intention to create a new image.

One of the importantcharacteristics common to post-structuralists is that they disrupt the self. And they go on, stepping over fixed meaning and truth, towards fundamental and endlessly infinite signification. Derrida also demands that we change the tendencies we have. Thus,he is telling us that the authority of text is temporary, and that origins are nothing but traces. According to Derrida, as he said that no meaning can be fixed or definite, "in relation to the truth disruption exults dissemination, in relation to unity and consistency it exults explosion and disintegration, in relation to completed circles it exults indefinable space, and in relation to prudence and rationality it exults amusement and hysteria." Derrida saw Nietzsche's characteristics as all-out distrust of 'metaphysics' and doubt in the value of 'truth' and 'meaning'; many cultural relativists may believe that we analyze the world differently according to our social contexts, but they believe that there exists the one society that we are all analyzing. However, for Nietzsche, there is no single physical reality that goes beyond our analysis.

It was thought that what exists is merely individuals' vision, and that a final conclusion does not exist. Like Nietzsche, who was deeply aware that we are bound by our own vision, the artist used repetitive theme of figurated reproduction to seek transition to not an image of anobject but to an artificial image. Thus the image in reality is interpreted together with the reproduction of objects. There is skepticism on the criticisms and all hypotheses of indefinite truths and what is fixed and systematized, and the question of true identity of images is raised once again, through dismantling images to interpret texts in a new way in order to break a series of images.


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