Che Easson

Artist's Statement:
These collages approach photographs through the eye of necrophilia.
The photographs are dead, removed from the source. The photograph
manifests the corps of a moment extracted from time. Often it is a
sexy corps and passed around for all to admire and aspire to. Enter
the flat inadequacy of erotic memory. The drive to find the permanent
can't be satisfied, so we look at another picture and then another.
Look again.?There's a memory of something, but the memory is a
fragment; tainted with co-inhabitants (similar images in the psyche).
A pile of images mingling. Re-contextualized, the source is
disfigured: a monster. The fragments unify and the result is a
chimera. Can we stop looking now? Ask Frankenstein, he couldn¡¯t stop
until his monster killed him.

Che Easson is a photographer, filmmaker and artist living in Brooklyn,
New York. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2001
and has exhibited extensively in the northeast and southern United
States of America.


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