Boram Choi

2005 Graduated in Kaywon High school of arts
2010 BFA, Hong-ik University , Oreiental Painting department

2009 Hongik Art Festival, Korea
2010 .2 H.O.P.E , in Hongik University
4.19~4.30 Sohn Asia Arts contest exhibition
4.28~5.3 Art Seoul 2010, Seoul Arts Centre (Hangaram Art Museum)

<Artist Statement>
I love to travel. I see, learn, and feel various new things during trip. I live in Korea since I was born, so I am a typical Korean. Since I am quite familiar with Korean scene, an exotic scene fascinates me when I'm on the trip. I first started my work by landscape painting every single sight of foreign scenery on the hanji which is the traditional Korean paper with pink gouache. Nowadays, I express my memory as the scene of a picture within a picture.
I interpreted various images of stores as my working place, my gallery, and my store. Thus, my work is in progress through frame organization to exhibit my paintings, share my memories, and feel like in there vividly. The major characteristic of my work is the selection of color. This color selection illustrates the author's purpose well by choosing down-toned color.


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